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We finished Dracula this week in class.  It was a very simple ending.  This disappointed several students in my class, but I liked it.  I liked the fact that it was pretty easy to defeat evil.  That’s the way it should be.  Once you know how to kill the evil person, it should be a pretty simple task.

In my last post, I mentioned some of the fears that Dracula could possibly represent.  I am a little skeptical to some of these ideas, but if you take them into account, the ending makes perfect sense.  To recap, some of the fears mentioned in class were: religion, science, media, the new woman, economy, and a few others.  Most of these things are not very scary.  Once you force yourself to accept the changes in society, they really aren’t scary at all.  Maybe that’s why it was pretty easy to defeat Dracula.  They weren’t afraid of those fears that he represents anymore.  Once you aren’t afraid of something, it loses all it’s power over you.  There are several examples of this in books or in movies.  One example is Monsters Inc.  The monsters use the energy they get from scaring children to power their world.  Once the little girl, Boo, loses her fear of the monsters, they become unable to scare her.  Randall, her assigned monster, lost his ability to scare her at the end of the movie.

Another example is Shrek.  Shrek is a huge ogre who scares almost everyone at the beginning of the movie, except Donkey.  Shrek tries to scare him so that he will leave him alone, but it doesn’t work.  He also tries to scare the fairy tale creatures when they show up on his door step, but they don’t leave.

Dracula could possibly be an addition to this category.  The world gained control over these irrational societal fears, thus, making the fears disappear.


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