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The second chapter of I, Robot is titled Robbie.  In this chapter, a mom decides to buy a robot in order to be their child’s nanny.  This robot, Robbie, is one of the early models and cannot talk.  The little girl loves it, though.  She plays hide-and-go-seek with it, and she tells it stories.  Her mother is afraid that she isn’t like the other children because her best friend is a robot.  Her mother decides that it is best for her child if she takes the robot away.  The child becomes depressed, and doesn’t want to do anything except look for Robbie.  After several attempts, the mother finally gives in and Robbie comes back.  However, the story ends with the world panicking over robot safety, and the little girl loses Robbie a second time.

I liked this story.  I thought it was very sad though, and I empathized with the little girl.  I have always had a strong attachment to inanimate objects.  I had to buy every stuffed animal I saw because I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness for the animal.  I felt like they needed me.  I was like the little girl in the Corduroy story.  She saw the bear and thought he needed her, and he did.

I also don’t think I have ever gotten rid of a stuffed animal.  I keep them all in storage in my basement.  I think they are too cute to give away.

I thought the ending of this story was depressing.  You went through this very long story waiting for this little girl to get her best friend back, and when she finally does, they take it away again.  The lead up to Robbie’s return was long and drawn out, but when they took Robbie away the second time, it was short and to the point.  It took only about 3 lines for all of the anticipation and good feelings about his return to disappear.  I thought this was very disappointing.  I really liked Robbie.  I think the story would have been much better if they had just left the last page or so out of it.  The little girl would have been happy, and so would I.


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  1. I used to do the exact same thing with stuffed animals. I’d take turns sleeping with them so they wouldn’t feel left out, and I also still have some of my favorites–not at college, of course :). I didn’t really understand how Robbie’s tale fit in to the story. It seemed like it was important to Susan Calvin, but I’m not sure why, since none of the laws were really broken, and every other story had some distortion of the three laws in it.

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