Blade Runner vs I, Robot   2 comments

Last week in class, we watched the first hour and a half of Blade Runner.  I thought this movie was very hard to understand.  The idea was pretty complicated, and I didn’t really understand who everyone was.  I think it is also hard to understand movies when most of the people in the movie are lying.

I didn’t like the movie very much.  I thought that it could probably be a good movie to watch on television if there is nothing else on.  It was interesting, but it was not my favorite.

I do, however, like this movie better than I, Robot.  At least the humans in the movie were trying to defeat the robots.  In I, Robot, the humans just gave up.  They didn’t care that the robots were taking over the world.  However, the robots in I, Robot were taking over the world in order to protect the humans.  The robots in Blade Runner were taking over the world in order to rule humans.  These robots were much scarier.

 They were actually evil.  In I, Robot, the humans programmed the robots to never harm a human.  Therefore, the humans were not afraid of the robots.  As long as the humans continue to program the robots with the 3 rules, there is no problem with the robots taking over the world.

I don’t like the idea of humans letting robots take over.  I much prefer the battles that occur in Blade Runner.

We did not see the ending of Blade Runner, but I am assuming that the humans win in the end.  I think that most people prefer this ending.  I have not seen the movie I, Robot, but I am pretty sure the humans win in that movie, too.  Hollywood probably didn’t want to leave the audience feeling disappointed with humans, so they changed the ending.  Hollywood does this with a lot of movies.  Maybe that’s why most people prefer the books over the movies.



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2 responses to “Blade Runner vs I, Robot

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  1. I’m also unsure about the robots in Bladerunner. I assume that we missed some of their backstory, although we were fairly far into the movie… One thing that I didn’t understand was that the first robot they showed (the one in your picture) looked really dumb. He had like no chin. Why would you make a robot like that? The other ones looked like models. I feel like he didn’t belong.

  2. Mollee, don’t you think it was so that he could pass more easily as human? Jaquie, I really like the distinction you make here about the humans just “giving up” in I, Robot. Why do you think that is? To me, it seems that it has something to do with the realization that the humans really are lesser beings, they essentially become the robots in a way, the toys in the game.

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